We Care Deeply About Serving Our Customers Well

Over the years, I’ve been frustrated and disappointed when seeing development companies that didn’t properly serve their customers.

Programming is a technical process that involves multiple steps and technologies, and some omitted key steps that lead to a successful result:

  1. They didn’t properly consult with their customer at the start of the project to establish the business needs;
  2. They didn’t explain the alternative solutions, with the advantages and disadvantages of each one;
  3. They didn’t communicate a clear plan and stick to their promised deliverables;
  4. In short, in their hurry to get a sale, they ended up wasting their client’s investment and time.

Our whole team recognizes that by choosing to work with us, you place your trust in us and we take that trust very seriously. We don’t have the gall to say we’re perfect, but if a problem occurs, we’ll be honest and will always try to serve you well.

We’re Computer Science Geeks at Heart

At Bridge Web Dev, I’ve assembled a small band of programmers that are true-blue computer scientists at heart.

They’re artisans who care deeply about writing quality code that will meet, and exceed, our customers’ needs and expectations.

Whether it be maintaining and updating a legacy website, developing a custom module, or building a new website, we welcome the challenge; it’s what we’ve trained for!

Olivier Bridgeman (vertical)

We Offer Business Solutions, not just Technological Ones

We’re a team of expert programmers and MBA and marketing graduates dedicated to your business success.

We work hard with our customers and help bring their projects to life by becoming their technological partner. If you’re looking for a web application or a mobile application, we architect and build both for businesses. We maintain and support existing sites for B2B businesses, agencies and freelancers, digital marketing teams, the public sector, educational institutions, non-profits and other businesses.

Our team members are experts in the following programming languages and website platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ColdFusion, chatbots with Chatfuel, mobile apps with Flutter, PHP and MySQL, SquareSpace, Wix, and Shopify.

We also offer digital marketing services through Bridge Media.

Find out more about who we are and contact us to discuss your needs.