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The opportunities for developing cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter.dev are exciting, and recent announcements at Google I/O 2019 from the Flutter team make this framework even more interesting.
We currently have a few projects in the works, so stay tuned for our first mobile showcases coming soon!


Chatbots are uniquely positioned to help businesses and organizations stay in touch with their customers. They can be used to automate customer service, increase brand engagement, and deliver information in a way that matches how users consume it.
Bridge We Dev got involved in chatbots in 2018, as part of the Creative Destruction Lab, the country’s largest program for seed-stage science-based businesses with high potential for growth. We were paired with a company that developed chatbots for the public and retail sectors. This experience was eye-opening and revealed the market potential for conversational AI to transform the way that people interact with companies and organizations.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

It wasn’t long before Bridge Web Dev started to develop its own chatbots for clients. We’ve developed quiz surveys to help increase knowledge on breast cancer, store chatbots to assist customers with their shopping, and contest chatbots. We use Chatfuel to develop our chatbot solutions.

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    Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Bridge Web Dev for your Chatbot or Mobile App Project

    Our team of web developers is available to assist with your chatbot or mobile app project.

    Experience in programming and business development / marketing

    Our team is comprised of web developers who work with MBA and marketing graduates. We’ll take the time to understand your business needs and objectives and we’ll advise you on the best way to reach your goals.

    We have a tested and proven consultation and development process that includes communication before, during and after the project to ensure that we deliver a result that will match your expectations.

    We can build fully-featured mobile apps and chatbot experiences

    We are currently developing mobile apps to help users discover services available around them, with geolocation and Google Maps integration.

    Our web team also has experience with creating and updating multiples types of chatbots; among them, contest chatbots, quiz chatbots and automated customer service chatbots. These chatbots feature multiple flows of control and intelligent responses.

    Fun fact: According to The Messaging Apps report from Business Insider, messaging apps have surpassed social network apps as the most popular downloads.

    Bridge Web Dev

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    What if my team could save you thousands of dollars every year? I’ve assembled a small band of expert programmers and MBA and marketing graduates dedicated to your business success.

    We work hard with our customers and help bring their projects to life by becoming their technological partner. If you’re looking for a web application or a mobile application, we architect and build both for businesses. We maintain and support existing sites for B2B businesses, agencies and freelancers, digital marketing teams, the public sector, educational institutions, non-profits and other businesses.

    My team members are experts in the following programming languages and website platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ColdFusion, chatbots with Chatfuel, mobile apps with Flutter, PHP and MySQL, SquareSpace, Wix, and Shopify.

    Find out more about who we are and contact us to discuss your needs.