Hire us as a trusted web development company to take care of your site maintenance.

Website Maintenance Services

Do you have a website, but your former web developer has left you out in the cold?

Is your current website badly in need of some TLC?

Not updating a website for too long presents several risks:

  • it may be no longer be possible to update it if the software changes too much;
  • an outdated website is more vulnerable to being hacked by computer pirates;
  • customers may get a bad impression of your business if they feel that you’re being negligent of your online presence.

Any of these could cause a loss of business for your company.

Our team is not afraid to take over websites that have been developed by someone else, even if they are a few years old and are starting to get a little dusty.

We’re able to provide assistance with a variety of website technologies, having worked extensively over many years with all of these:

Fun fact: our team started programming websites before Y2K!

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