Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

After several years of developing websites for a variety of customers, we noticed a common, recurring problem. In fact, this problem was not just with our customers; it’s a generalized affliction affecting most websites. It goes by a few different names: “technical debt” or “software decay.”

Our customers are usually very happy to get their brand-new website; there’s a satisfying feeling knowing that WordPress is up-to-date as are all the extensions. Everything works wonderfully.

However, it doesn’t take long for what was once a state-of-the-art solution to start getting outdated.

WordPress updates get skipped, extensions are outdated or no longer supported, the website starts to slow down, and it could even be hijacked by malicious software.

The world of the web continues to involve, with everchanging rules imposed by browsers, Google continuously changes its algorithm, and customer expectations continue to evolve; meanwhile, the website lags further and further behind.

Slowly but surely, the website goes from being beautiful to being embarrassing, because it no longer makes their business shine.

Eventually, it becomes cheaper to create a new website than to try to recover a website that has not been maintained for too long.

After looking at too many websites that had been abandoned, we realized that our customers need ongoing support and maintenance for their website.

With this in mind, we developed our WordPress Maintenance and Support Plan.

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    A Plan to Keep Your WordPress Website Updated

    Our WordPress Support and Maintenance Plan covers what you need for your WordPress to keep running without problems.

    WordPress Backup

    We run full backups of the website. If ever something were to happen to your website, it’s much quicker to restore from a backup to get your website back online and functioning properly.

    WordPress Core and Extension Updates

    We update WordPress and extensions and then test to ensure compatibility with your website and with its content. This means that your website will have the latest patches and protection against attacks.

    Security Review and Extra Protection Against Attacks

    We review potential security issues to ensure that your website follows security best practices. This includes reviewing the website files to detect the injection of malicious code.

    We also put in place supplemental protection against attacks by blocking access to suspicious users.

    WordPress Support Services

    We’ll provide you with a report of the maintenance that was performed and will indicate issues that need to be addressed, if applicable.

    If an update creates issues with your website and it needs to be fixed, our team is available to help you resolve these problems at our preferential programming rate.